Ongoing project – artwork for a new high security prison on the outskirts of Reykjavik.

This project includes proposal for works in a garden by the prison’s entrance as well as works on large walls in all the prison yards.  A collection of nine different species of large trees an Arboretum will be planted close to the prisons main entrance.
The trees refer to a group of individuals that all have their distinctiveness but that together create a kind of community.  The purpose of the Arboretum is to contribute to positive feeling in those who visit the prison -  employers, prisoners returning from furlough, relatives of prisoners and other guests.
The idea is based on the basic principle of environmental psychology that variations in the environment, vegetation and green areas have a positive impact on people’s well being, concentration and communication skills.  The trees will also break up the monotonous look of prison fences and offer an ever-changing scenario depending on the season, weather and light conditions.
A “bird hotel” for species common to the area will be placed within the Arboretum. Surveillance cameras are placed in a few “rooms” and feeding stations of the bird hotel and the life broadcast of birds nesting and feeding will be accessible to the prisoners in the prison library.
Flight Patterns
Large drawings of various birds flight patterns will be carved into the surfaces of concrete walls in all seven prison yards.





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