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I am Art
I have always found it impossible to draw a line between my work and me. Everything I do is a part of who I am. In order to develop my creations I have to constantly evolve. I have to be able to be like a chameleon, to absorb all that is around me and reflect it within. After that I can be like a projector of what I have experienced internally as the conscience of the external experience and thus I have taken down a border. I have become a little closer to you and to me. I see the external world as a direct reflection of my inner world. I see my little world that I move and breath within reflected in the entire world. Everything that happens in the world outside me is moving within me and I am moving with everything that is happening within the world. I often wonder why I do what I do. Why do I take the leap of faith over and over no matter if I know that sometimes I will not fly but fall all the way to the bottomless bottom? If I would never had taken the leap of faith into the unknown would I be who I am?

I have paid dearly for depth, for being able to show compassion and understand that my value as a person is on an equal basis as the starving child in Africa or the starved little rich kid on Capitol Hill.

The greatest chance we take as artists is not a new color or a new shocking shape but the chance of change within. The greatest chance we can take as artists is to take down our internal borders and to realize that fame or fortunes have nothing to do with our personal value. Our personal value comes from internal emotions that are selfless, transparent experience that enriches not only ourselves but the things we create. The greatest art is not art itself but how we inspire others. It is easy to play with the human emotion, we have all the formulas to sensationalize and manipulate their feelings. But does it inspire them to go out and do something like take the leap of faith and follow their vision and dreams. Perhaps one of the greatest abilities of the human is the fact we dream and we follow our dreams. We have visions and we follow them. Sometimes we lack the understanding of why we want to follow those dreams and visions and get stuck within a principle. I could perhaps have this dream of getting the Nobel Prize. But something within actually knows that it wouldn't mean anything really. Not if my work wouldn't have the ability to reach out to people and inspire them to throw away their inhabitation's and just do it. And I could never get the Nobel Prize because my art is not for a chosen few that have taken a university degree in understanding art and symbolism. My writing is not for scholars and critics.

All I do is for everyone, especially those that don't think they care for art and culture. I don't make what I make for me but for you and me. By making something that someone will eventually experience I will become part of that person and that person will become a part of me. That is my reward for taking the leap for being me by all possible means. I have been doing a lot of thinking in the last few weeks my life has turned around again full circle all of a sudden everything that was is no more and I have to start at a new beginning I am broke, I took the leap of faith all the way to the other end of the world again and I am forced to go back to my little island of extremes and I had sold everything I owned and the money has blown into the wind and vanished. But the price of experience can never be set So I am taking another leap of faith In the process I have changed again and I need to eat my hat more then twice but that is ok We as humans are entitled to fall So we may rise again and again.

Someone once said that 1 Birgitta year is like 7 years for others and it is intense but I feel blessed to have acquired so much experience, so many failures and so many tragedies not that I want any more but if there are more I see myself as clay and it will mold me again into something new and thus I will have more to give because I have been so many things.  Life is beautiful and always exactly as beautiful as we make it to be. We don't need more things. We need to give more because that is the only thing that really fills that empty feeling inside. So if you ever feel miserable go and help someone that is more miserable. If you ever feel hungry go feed someone that is starving.