Project: *Craters on the MoOn*

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Birgitta was sitting by herself wondering why it was so boring being a poet. The only way it seemed to get poems across to people was to read them on a organised events or publish it in a book. Sometimes they could be heard on the radio and sometimes papers would publish the poems. And people would ask can you make a living being a poet.......??? Of course the answer had to be no. So she was thinking and thinking until her brain was frying. Thinking of how much fun it was to mix all possible things together and make some unpredictable blend out of it. Thinking of that it would be really about time that poets would get some dough for having to be poets. Thinking how great it was to work on making things for the Internet. When the brain in Birgitta's head was about to be just a tiny little burned out piece of over fried organ she got an idea. This idea was very little in the beginning and she would talk about it and then she stumbled into other people that where bored as well and told them about this techno poet concept and the first live Internet broadcast from Iceland and they decided that it would be fun to make something out of it. This took 9 months to develop. The whole process of getting this thing moving has been a very positive experience. But this thing has been as heavy as an elephant that needs to be pushed through a glass factory.

This project was one of the biggest things I have ever done. It could never have been pulled off if so many different kind of people didn't take part in it and believed in this adventure. We pulled off Iceland's first live broadcast on the Internet, but not only that, the essence of the project was poetry, dressed in so many shades of media. One of the amazing things we also did was to get this thing on national TV, they even used parts of the event in the election TV for the presidential elections. It was a hell of a ride. I spent many night until 5 in the morning to maintain Iceland's first blog page, that was part of the countdown to the event. Many people thought we could never do it but we did. I am deeply thankful to everyone that took part and made this dream a reality.