A humble briefing of things I'm up to

Myself has done many things in my lifetime. Each of them of equal value for how I've turned out to be.

My education is based on daring to learn the impossible, the most difficult and challenging and the most enjoyable - it has proven to be of the most practical value.

I am working as creative director for a small press: beyond borders working on all sorts of creative adventures, such as: staying in my heart, facing all I am, painting pictures, making music, singing, writing, maintaining this site, organizing events, raising 2 wonderful children and finding ways to help in these times of transition. I don't like to read lists of what people do. So I am not going to make one here. I don't know yet what I want to be when I grow up. Thus I can be anything. At the moment as I am writing this in April 2004 I have just moved back to Iceland. I am at ground 0 with my life again and it is the most amazing feeling. Life is beautiful.

One of my greatest passions is to combine technology and all the art forms I can think off in a feast for the senses and the intellect. That is why I like the Internet so much and the endless open gates to new possibilities. It's so liquid and transparent. Me loves it.... and the world is getting infinitly smaller. Ever since I jumped into the depths of the cyberspace my life has not been the same.

To be honest then I guess that I will always be some sort of an rebel. I do like to kick things off and leave the rest to the rest:) but one thing is for sure I am in love with life it self and if you want get a really good feel for what I am than consider me the fool of FOOLS.

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