Letter 2 U

well i am still alive
even if i have been silent
for a long time
many layers of reasons why
it has taken a lot of effort to settle here at the other end of the world
everything is different
the way the water runs in circles the other way around
traffic on the other side of the road
little cultural things
the way the sun comes up
and the moon sets
all different in a very big way
anyway it is always interesting
it keeps the fine lines in the brain tuned
and alert
fell out of the cycle of movement with the rest of the world
got local
living in the small town syndrome
feel a wave of need to hook back into the surf of the world

the world is bad now
rotten to the core things coming to the surface
that are hard to see and experience but much needed
in order to heal
to grow new ideas
for the revolution to take place
oppression is the fertile soil
in the US and in the west so much freedom
has been gradually chipped away
and no one really cares
because they are too busy making sure
they get enough to fuel their need to consume
and consume more bullshit
when living at such totally unique times
it is important
to maintain an eagle vision
see the whole tapestry
and never, never ask why
why is the only thing really that drives us into madness
so i am digging deep
it is ridiculous to preach
and even worse when preaching
and not walking the talk of that speech
i have a tendency to preach
so i have to dig deeper still
find the cause
the effect
of all those war like feelings inside
why i feel fear
why i feel anger
and hopelessness
i am digging
and i am talking to ghosts
and i am further more
forgiving myself
for things i never did
i have no idea if it will make any difference on the global scale
i always used to believe in the power of the individual
and that each and everyone of us can make a difference
i think i still believe it
i think i just need some prove
what a bizarre life
everyday i read more i see more
that makes me truly mad
should i pray for bush
or should i kick his ass
i don't know
some will say that seeing him in a glowing light of love
might help him open his blinded eyes
to the misery his greed and power hunger is
causing so many people
do you think it is possible

i dreamt last night that i was going into politics
that i was going to be the first woman prime minster in iceland
it was a true nightmare
i mean
if you go into the seats of power
what is going to happen to you
are you no matter how pure you think you are
going to maintain the vision
or will you be too bloody busy to be able to maintain it

i also dreamt in another dream
that my native american blood was singing
and i dreamt that i was lying really still and talking about eagles
on the belly of a great warrior
with face painted black with bright white stripes
he said be still
just be still for a moment
and it will all come to you

With Rivers of Joy

p.s. even if i thought i had adjusted i am moving back
i am really moving back again to the other island of extremes
to face the beasts i had created before i left

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