I'm working on a little 4 track EP right now which will only be availible here andfor free! I'm not 100% sure when it will be up but i hope within a month. Till then i've uploaded an older 6 track EP "Sexy Saturn" which i did in 2000. Check it!



I've posted more info and 2 songs from the upcoming Hairdoctor album. Check it!

I also posted some new Commercials i scored in GOT PAID

I know you're still waiting for my own music to be uploaded and I really want to give you some fresh stuff soooon. Keep coming back.

I've also been busy looking for a new studio space in brooklyn and i think i've finally found the perfect one. I should know this weekend. Other than that i've just been busy changing diapers and teaching my 8 month old son to play the rhodes.



Phew! I just finished producing, mixing and mastering the Hairdoctor Project.

They recorded everything in less than a week using a 10$ russian microphone. I got the recordings and together we produced, arranged and created the soundscape for the album.

The album is called Unexpected and will be released on Smekkleysa / Bad Taste in december i think.

It's the unexpected album of the year! I'll be putting up an mp3 or two this week if i get the ok from the label.






I uploaded the website last night. It's mostly working. I still haven't finished the composed and the produced sections but i'll be taking care of it over the newxt few days.




Check It!

It's time to stop being lazy!
I'll give you regular updates from now on...

I made a new website with updated info, updated music and other works. The site is very simple and straight forward. It's meant to be an archive of my past and current work. I hope you enjoy it. I'd like to hear from you people so drop me a line. bix@bixpender.com

I'm currently producing and mixing an album for the Icelandic super duo "Hair Doctor"... The album will be released on Smekkleysa / Bad Taste Records sometime before christmas. I'll be putting up some demos here soon in the "produced" section. An album i produced for Daniel Agust is being released on One Little Indian in the U.K. early 2006. You can hear some songs from the album here. Support Daniel and buy the album when it comes out!

I recently finished a new remix for Daniel Agust. It turned out pretty good. Check it in the "remixed" section.

I can't say i've finished a lot of my own material in the past 5 years but I've sketched tons of songs and ideas and i'm focusing on finishing some of those songs. Check back often for updates in the "composed" section. It will not take 5 years! I promise!

I've done a lot of work for advertising and you can see and hear a selection of that in the "got paid" section.
i produced a full album for daniel august who was the lead singer in gusgus.

There is also a "scored' section where you can see the films i've scored. Although there are only 2 shorts at the moment i hope that will change soon.



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