Archive of all the remixes i've done. There are some missing that i'll be adding later. Share the love!



Daníel Ágúst - If You Leave Me Now - Bix Remix - 2005

The Song is taken from Daníel's debut solo album "Swallowed a Star" released on One Little Indian in january 2006. The remix will be released on vinyl on October 16th. This is the first remix i've done in 4 years and I had a lot of fun making it. i wanted it to sound very different from the original and the end resault was this slow and moody synth pop thriller.

one little indian /daniel

Múm - Smell Memory - Bix Remix - 2001

The song is on Múm's debut album "Yesterday was dramatic - today is ok" The remix came out on their remixed album in 2002 on TMT Entertainment. I finished the remix sometime in 2001. the chipmunk sounding vocals at the end of the remix is actually my voice. It was the first time i ever picked up a microphone and i had to make sure that there was no one in the building i was so scared of the microphone and hearing my own voice. funny!


Sigur Ros - Myrkur - Dirty Bix Remix - 1999

This song is from their first album called "Von". The remix was done in 1999 and came out on the Sigur Ros Recycle Bin album on One Little Indian. The beats i programmed for the remix are a little bit outdated to me but it's a still a pretty solid remix with all the bixness you like.

eighteen seconds before sunrise

Beck - Mixed Bizness - Dirty Bixin Mixness - 2000

This is probably my least favourite Beck album but it was an honor to do a remix for him. I didn´t do very drastic changes to the original. I just added extra filth and sex to the already dirty party. *_*

Madonna - American Pie - The JB's Mix - 2000

I kind of didn't want to do this remix cause i disliked her version of this song so much. i was specificly asked to do a dance mix which was another factor for not wanting to do the remix. I ended up doing it though and while i was working on it Jonsi from Sigur Ros came by the studio and we ended up doing the remix together. We missed the deadline for the the 12" in 2000 so it never got released and i'm putting it up here for the first time, so love it or hate it. It's up to you!

Woven - Beautiful - Bixothic Mix - 2002

I met Woven at their dope studio which they had setup inside a cat toy factory when i lived in L.A.. I did a remix for them but wasn't really sure what I should do with the song since the original almost sounded like a remix it self. I tried something different and ended up with a sort of ambient/goth sounding remix. There's something very special and honest about those guys. Check it! Respect!

Woven Music

myspace: woven


GusGus - Teenage Sensation - Dirty Bix - 2000

When GusGus approched me asking to produce their song Teenage Sensation on the album This Is Normal i had just finihsed this track that became the foundation for the song on the album. So this is the original that later became Teenage Sensation.

Snakefarm - 500 Miles - Bix vs. GusGus mix - 1999

I did this remix with Herb Legowitz aka. Buckmaster de la Cruz who's also a proud winner of the Icelandic Tom Selleck Compition in 2004. I didn't care for the cover version much so i asked Magnus aka. Blake to re sing the vocals in a very low key and the outcome was this synthy country thuggin' pop track! Check it!


GusGus - Polyesterday - Bix vs. Óttar mix -1998

This is the first remix i ever i did and i still remember how excited i was when they wanted to release it. I did the remix with a good friend of mine and an amazing bass player Ottar Saemundsen.