An archive of the films i've done music to.


Home James, and don't spare the horses 30 min - 2003

A film by John Dolan. Produced by Anonymous Content. John asked me to score his film which i gladly did in 2003. It was a great experience for me and really opened a new world to me. We got to mix it and do the finishing touches on the music at the Skywalker Ranch which was pretty fucking cool. The film itself looks great although i wish some of the music would have been a bit louder in the mix.

You can watch the full film here. You need a Quicktime 7 Player to view the film.

John Dolan

Burst 7 min - 2003

A film by Reynir Lyngdal. Choreographed by Katrin Hall. Produced by Saga Film.This is a short dance film about a couple fighting in their apartment while it fills up with water from a broken water pipeline. I scored this short with the help of my good friend Daniel Agust. We did a very percussive and a little bit odd sounding piece but it worked well with the picture. A quicktime wil be coming soon.


Moving North

Reynir Lyngdal