Friday the 10th of May 1996
Diary of daily events

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Today was the day of sun.

A beautiful day indeed. Good news rolling in at a strange pace and some to sensitive to put on the web. We have decided to make short video shots from Reykjavík to feed those that want to see the live in our town. So the next weeks you should at least get a chance to download 3 times a week some stuff from Reykjavík. We would of course go outside town but the pull of the computers is just to strong. So maybe later we can give you a better view of Iceland if the web will be alive after the Craters venture. Anyway brainstorming is a natural way for keeping us alive and happy as a fool. So off I go now to feel the rays of the sun burning away all there was gray and grumpy.
Tomorrow I will tell you the story of the rainbows until then bless bless.

I recommend that you visit this site if you like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

The Town Hveragerđi is 40 km from Reykjavík and there are a few active geysers in the middle of the town. The town is also known for being the Santa Claus village of the North and for having earthquakes as almost a daily routine. Charming.

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