Saturday the 11th of May 1996

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Today was the day of Rainbows.

I had promised you a little story about rainbows - so here it comes. Once upon a time there was a little girl. She would love to go outside when it was raining hoping that one ray of sun would shine trough the dark clouds. And sometimes a tiny ray would force itself through the thick clouds and then she would see a rainbow. The little girl knew that there was something beautiful at the end of the rainbow. She also knew that if only she would be patient enough then the end of the rainbow would one day begin right at her feet. Many years had past and she was no longer a little girl but an old lady - still carrying the same hope in her big bright eyes - the hope that the rainbow would make it's beginning at the tips of her toes. She new by now that since her body was mostly filled with water that when ever the rays of the sun would touch upon her - her body would fill with rainbows. She would still go out even though her body was so old she could hardly walk just in case that she might be able to catch the secret of the rainbows beginning. Then one day she could feel something inside her when she was watching a rainbow in the distance. She could feel that the rainbow inside her had never been separated from the rainbow in the sky. She just had never been able to believe that there was such beauty inside her as she could see in the creation around her. And the little old lady would smile and smile and never tell what made her so content - because she knew that each one of us had to find our source of rainbows on our own in order to believe it.

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