Sunday the 12th of May 1996

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Wow - What a wonderful day.

Someday's you feel like things are just to good to be true. This was one of those. I like to believe that if you put a lot of energy and good will into something - that energy will come back to you somehow - not necessarily the way you think. That is one of the adventurous elements in live. So I have been putting endless hours into this Craters project and even though I have not seen a penny yet for all my effort to make this possible - I still spend hours and hours like a mad person so that this can happen the way I vision it. I love doing it because in a way I am making my dream becoming a reality. Well when you have put much labor into something then it is so good to get a sign of other peoples approval. And today was the day of good news for Craters. First of all I got a letter from CyberMad. In their madness they decided to make Craters the Mad link of the Week. I have to say that I am thrilled. Mostly because I like that site a lot. I also got a thank you note from the Minister of Culture for launching the web and well it is just such a good thing to feel that the web is getting recognition. So I just like to thank all of you folks that has showed Craters good will or are just coming by on a visit.
And if it is worth anything than I feel utterly happy at this moment and I hope that my joy will somehow get to you.............I realize that this may sounds rather sugary I do hope you won't hold it against me.

Go visit CyberMad. I promiss you will not regret it.

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