Monday the 13th of May 1996

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OK things sometimes are strange in this virtual world of cyberspace and beyond. Some people might think that I am crazy because I am so sure that everything will work out - I know that it might be in a different way then I thought it would - they main thing about this whole event is that it is so much fun. Every day there is some up's and down's but the up's are so sweet that the bitter taste of down's can hardly be felt. So we got to be the link of the week at and it feels good that we are still going strong in Iceland as well as somewhere else. I can not describe why I feel so happy about every little babystep towards more traffic. It's maybe because so many people have devoted their talents and time to this and as it is rather typical that artists are the last people to get payed for their work then it feels at least good that they get maybe some recognition instead. Well I don't think I will have this any longer today since the sun is pulling be away from my 12 hour session in front of the computer. Just as I was leaving I got yet another good news. We will be the wave of the day May 18 at Hit The Beach!

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