Tuesday the 14th of May 1996

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Today is the day of introduction

Halló once again - I have to admit that it feels corny to always say I and we - So I thought it would be nicer that you knew who is always addressing you in this diary. It's me...... just kidding. Birgitta is the one responsible for all the input into the diary so if you have any complains just talk to her. That is me. It is a very funny feeling to have a open diary like this and only focus on things concerning Craters. Since Craters somehow got born in my heart it feels OK. So now you know who the invisible person is.

Let's move on. As for now there is no way turning back - we are going to be there folks, right on time. The making of this event is both a lot of labor and a lot of excitement to see what will come out of it. The people taking part are all so very special in their own way that the event can only be special but even so close to the goal there is no way of knowing how it will turn out....that is the fun part .......the element of surprise. I have been seeing by looking at the log in that the folks browsing craters womb are from all over the world and that really makes it worth while.........thanx for stopping by.

I recommend that you visit LEGO if you can still play with toys. I simply love playing with Lego's - can't help it.

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