Saturday the 18th of May 1996
Diary of daily events

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Today was the day of sun, rain, wetsnow, sun, rain, sun - alias typical Icelandic day.

What good day - it's always good to find fellow geek's - We who are taking part in the development of the net community here in Iceland are few but our numbers are steadily increasing. It's pretty funny to understand the fact that most people in the net community are rebel types that is impossible to put any other label on than geek - geek whaT?!!!???!! Me likes it. Anyway I sometimes wonder if I am getting lost in cyberspace and then maybe one day I can no longer communicate to people outside the cyberspace world. I like to believe that by making webs that are enchanted with a personal flair and intimate to some extent I am showing how I like to experience our future here in cyberspace but I would so much like to take it inside the real world. If communicating in cyberspace can be with so much ease then it should be so in the real world. Then it is possible. Anyway yesterday we had a meeting to plan the last steps to be taken for the real stuff - the event it self - It's strange but somehow I have gotten so mingled into this web and the creation of it that I have a hard time believing that there is still so much left to do. I am looking so much forward to see what will come out of it. It's a feel of moving from my sandbox with my toys into a bigger sandbox that is filled with all sorts of folks with so many brand-new toys. Anyway today I met some of the geek's that are making the first Icelandic e.zine - Ozone - They will publish it the 1st of June. Don't miss it. I will give you the Url as soon as it's accessible.

I recommend that you visit Telepoetics People doing stuff in a similar fashion as we are trying to do with craters.

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