Sunday the 19th of May 1996
Diary of daily events

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Today was the day of Spider.

After quite a session of weaving I noticed something moving towards my computer - it was tiny and had many many legs. I noticed that it was making a web back and forth on the scanner between the books. Of course I got very pleased this is good omen to have a help from a real spider. So I chatted a bit with this new friend and took a photo of it which made her very angry because she got nearly blinded. She did attack the camera and then she just vanished. I do hope she is not lost - I do hope that she will come back tomorrow - I should find a name for her so that I can call her name. What would a spider think as a good name and how can I know if it is a girl or a guy??????????? Well I would like to call her Veršandi which is a name of one of the witches of fate in Nordic mythology. I could also call her lukka which means luck yes I'll call her Lukka. I better stop now because I am going to look for luck. Much needed to pull this off...............but I will with the help of luck I just need to find her.

I recommend that you visit Telepoetics People doing stuff in a similar fashion as we are trying to do with craters.

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