Saturday the 1 of June 1996

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Today was the day of coolness

Early Saturday morning heading down to work. National TV coming over - Yes we have made to the news - the success of the web is real. Not that I have any feel for that it means. It's just great. The web so far has become the best looked at in Iceland history:) I am so happy about that. So we are riding the hype's a funny wave to ride indeed. All of a sudden the spider is feeling good about herself......... Anyway these days are very jammed. I do have feeling there is not going to be a lot of sleep the next days and maybe I will fall down from the swing sleeping......anyway good news are that IO - IntraNet are going to handle the broadcast for us. In fact IO is a company that I founded with 6 others a few months ago. Before that time I had started the Craters project so I had to finish it off. But my boys are kind to me, seeing that I needed support to pull this off they decided to pull it off with me. One of the most fantastic things about this project is all the people that are doing it with me. Without this joint effort there would be no Craters. I have though made up my mind about one thing. I will not do such a venture again. But there are so many things under the sun that are waiting to be done. So there will defiantly be something coming out of my womb of Creation.

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