Monday the 20th of May 1996
Diary of daily events

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Today was the day of Luck.

Well I found Luck today - She not lost anymore but spinning a web on my computer. I worry a little bit about her because she has been sleeping all day. Maybe she is hungry but there are no flies around the office and no matter how convincing I try to be I don't seem to be able to get my coworkers to go out to catch flies for my new pet. It would be terrible if Luck would die - maybe I should rename her and call her Bad Luck. This is confusing. I really like her and it's funny to have a spider that is sleeping on the screen all day. Any ways many many big news tomorrow - I hope they will be good. Well time is flying and maybe I should skip this silly diary since there is not much to tell about the development of Craters at the moment. It's very typical for Icelanders to do everything the last minute and since I am an Icelander I just have to accept that fact. Maybe I should become a German they are so precise

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