Wendesday the 22 of May 1996

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Today was the day of good news.

Today the day started with good news - we got our first money in the project. It's not a huge sum but very much needed. We also got news about that the 7th of June there will be a grand opening of ECI in Dublin Ireland and we are going to hook up via dial up connection to them. Icelandic telecommunication are sponsoring us with the ISDN line and that simply means that the live cybercast will be a fact - I am utterly relived. I felt the pulse of the artists and technicians today on my emergency meeting and after that I am determined to continue to risk all my time and health and nerves and sleep for craters. I am determined to make the production of Craters a memorable thing in my heart and soul for being something I had fun doing. So no more panic - just smooth last minute effort where every little piece of the puzzle will find it's place.

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