Thursday the 23 of May 1996
Part of Craters management drawing up a plan on MoOn walls

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Today was the day of ThanX.

Someday's are so filled with stuff to do that somehow I don't have time to be faithful to my diary. Someday's are strange. So soft somehow. Good news - We have gotten so much goodwill from the companies that have the equipment we need that I am totally happy about that. There is not much in it for them to sponsor us. Without this kindness there would not be so much happening that can be put into pilot projects categories. So I just want to offer a big THANX to all of those that are taking the chance with us. That are making Craters possible. Talents, Companies, My helpful angels, the folks that are working like they are paid for it but are just like me taking the chance that we might get some dough for it. THANX thanx THANX thank you everyone of you:) And thanX to you that bother to read this diary.

I recommend that you visit The Eletric Postcard and then send someone a postcard..............

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