Sunday the 26 of May 1996

Diary of daily events

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Today was the day of peace and quiet II.

Because of all this quietness and non action I will tell you a tiny story instead. It's about elves.

Once upon a time there was a hill. Inside this hill was not only earth. It was indeed filled with all sorts of magical things. There where so many things to look up on and so much wonder that inside this little hill there was so much to find. Only that was magic somehow. Well the elves where usually in a very good mood and would go outside in the midnight sun and dance and sing with the brightest softest voices. They would help out needy folks by visiting them in their dreams and give the humans handy advises when it look like there was no way out. Well the elves in this hill where very much alike their friends in other hills and rocks. They enjoyed though more then anything else to go and dance the night away in clubs downtown the big city and that was maybe their most difference. The beat of strange and seducing rhythms got them in a state of trance and they would dance longer and wilder then anyone else on the dance floor. They would not sweat normal sweat but real essence of flowers and they would be smiling through the whole night and if you ever encounter a smiling dancer that has a sweet of sweat smelling and that very same dancer does not really touch the floor then do not hesitate go ahead and dance to that elf because there is nothing quite like having an adventure with an elf and get a chance to visit the hill of magic and even better that very same elf might give you the sweetest softest kiss of enchantment and then I promise you will never be the same again.

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