Monday the 27 of May 1996

Diary of daily events

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Today was the day of picking flowers

Well things where slow so slow. It's amazing with those Christian holidays that everything is closed, shops, firms, people, all is closed. Close to midnight things started to speed up a bit in the psyches of the nation and then the day of this diary was over and nothing interesting to tell. Well I went with my son to pick up some yellow flowers and we played with lego's and indeed it was a beautiful day. I promise that tomorrow will be filled with up's and down's. Life is such a roller coaster. That is the very best thing with it. Next moment can carry a secret wonder. It can carry all your dreams and let it exploit over you in anyway you like to feel it. My shades on life these days are maybe bright but that does not mean that my feet are not firmly attach to the ground. I am a big tree with flexible roots. I am a bird with attachable wings. I fly when I feel like deep into the womb of my dreams and without that I would not be responsible for this thing called Craters. And I will fly until it will all happen and then I will sleep for days.

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