Tuesday the 28 of May 1996

Diary of daily events

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Today was the day of up's and down's

What a day - Where to start???????? First the bad stuff. Well first of all our key person in getting sponsors gently dropped out - A big no no from the airlines to take part in sponsoring our game:( Printing the stuff for craters became a case of stress and that is just about it for bad stuff. Well as for good stuff I finally completely finished gathering all the things for the printable program that is to go to printing tomorrow. We got the things coming from Paris pretty much covered. We found a brilliant soundman and many little things came to their place today. It was a day of sitting by the phone pretty much to get things moving and there are so many little miracles happening and that makes my heart get little wings of joy. Also before the day was over I got yet another confirmation that all the effort and endless hours in making this web is not wasted. Infinet has chosen us the cool site of the day and I am ever so grateful.

I recommend that you visit InfiNet

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