Sunday the 2 of June 1996

Diary of daily events

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Today was the day of getting the MoOn

Well Sunday was packed with all the little things that needs to be done. We had our big meeting at the MoOn and it is now a fact that almost noone is ready with their stuff and that is very typical as I have mentioned before. It means simply more stress and less hours sleep. What the heck it could be worse. The only thing that matters now is to put all efforts into transforming the stress into something useful. I will not surrender even though all odds would be against craters. So much has been put into it. Anyway there are 100 million reasons to continue. One funny aspect of craters in that it is still so virtual - there is still nothing concrete to describe.. It's just has to continue to be organic in it's curve of being. I am stuck in the front line mostly because I am responsible for starting the whole gig out the dream alone - I do hope that it will be encouragement for other people that share similar feeling for what the Internet has to offer in the future. We still have a chance to have influence on the entertainment value of things happening in the net community. At least that is what it feels like:) I recommend that you visit Hotwired

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