Thursday the 30 of May 1996

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Today was the day of hope

It is interesting to think of that Craters will be happening even though so far we have only gotten a promise of $ 2000 in funding. We somehow have been able to get all the equipment we need borough and plenty of free hype through the press. I am just crossing my fingers that we will be able to fill the MoOn with people. It's like most people have not understood the wonders of the Internet and how great it is to take part in making the first netcast from Iceland. But I have not given up hope and I firmly believe that all ends will meet in the end of the beginning. We will get some funds from the Ministry of Culture and that makes us happy. We will also be doing some fun things via dial up connection with ECI in Dublin and there are just so many wonderful things ongoing. Now the time of big work is coming up and I will not have so much time to spare to sit in front of my ever so friendly computer. Ahead is the time of gathering all the little creations and all the equipment. A time for hype and a time for making the last layer of structure. We did put the server up here at IO Intranet today and next days will be filled with fun testing.

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