Friday the 31 of May 1996

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Today was the day of new ideas

Well as with everything our program is evolving and shape shifting. Just how has to remain a tiny little secret. I decided today to continue with the Craters web for a month after the event is over. The reason mostly that I enjoy it so much to watch it grow. I am also working on plans to use the Url in a creative way. Jumping the wave of dreams. Next week we will have advertisement all over town about Craters, on buses, electronic signs over the big mall and the MoOn. Big posters, radio and TV. And the cool thing is that we have not had to so far spend any money since we don't have any in promoting the event. I am ever so grateful for that as well as all the things that are so important to make this into something unforgettable. Today I woke up and had this great feeling inside. I love my life so much. It's only a week left and still so much to do. Well that is cool. The national TV is coming over tomorrow morning to craters headquarters. Craters might just become a success. I think that is so fantastic. The reason that even though we have the cream of Icelandic poetry from the different generation still alive, then poetry has always been a low profile stuff. Underground somehow. Many of the talents that are performing are in the underground category even though I personally think they shouldn't. I just hope that some of them will get the attention that they deserve. Some opportunities to expand the scope of their art. Anyway we are filled with fiery force to pull it through with all the effort we can find in us. What you will send out will come back to you. Pure logic.........or what!!!!!!!!

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