Monday the 3 of June 1996

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Today was the day of the Poster

Well not that I am so terrible found of the poster but the poster case just about ruined the day for me. The Poster has become one of the biggest expanses because of a series of mistakes.
1. The person making the sponsor deals for us told us that the printing of the poster would be for free. Jibe we got very happy.

2. We got an advertising agency to do the poster and they thought that prize would not matter so they designed a 5 color poster in a very huge size. brilliant!

3. I decided to just trust that this would be handle professionally.

4. The day The Poster was to go to printing the printing company informed us that there was never such a deal as to get the poster sponsored. Ouch. There was no time to loose so the poster was sent out for film work. That was expensive. Then we went off the printer company. The deal for the poster was very expensive but we had already paid a good sum for the film work. So we gave a green light to the printing. I offered to do some webwork instead since I have no finances. Maybe that will work out.

5. We got the poster today. At first glance something felt wrong....and then Eureka I saw it and I can't repeat the words I used:(((( Something terrible happened. The makers of the poster had forgotten to put place, date, time, prize, my name, + tons of terrible typos. The poster is beautiful but well useless.

6. We got to silkprint the things mentioned above on the poster.

7. It won't be ready until tomorrow afternoon.

8. No one has time to put it up.

9. It's to big to put in stores:(

10. It's still a beautiful poster and very expansive.

11. All yesterday went into fixing mistakes made by others that I had put my trust to do things pro.

12. The good thing is that I have made up my mind about one thing I will not go on more bummers. This is out of my be it.

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