Wednesday the 5 of June 1996

This might be how sound a sleep I will be when Craters are over!

Diary of daily events

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Today was the day getting the things together

I am getting so fried in my head because there is so much to do. My netfriends from Canada came to Iceland a couple of days ago and since I felt it would be the best way for them to get to know Icelanders I asked them if they would like to lend a helping hand at the MoOn as so they did. They came to me today and said they would lend a helping hand in pulling it off - do just about anything. I am utterly thankful. So thank you Guillaume and Alex - ever so much.

How to thank all the people enough for all the effort they are putting into Craters? Sitting down to do the diary and reflecting upon the whole thing then I am stunned by what is happening. It's simply cool - brilliant - mad - beautiful - monstrously organic and unpredictable. Me likes it:)

I recommend that you visit The CoOks Museum

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