Summary from the Event the 7 June 1996

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The mask and the scene

From Reptilicus performance

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There was a massive build up of music. There was no Hologram since there is no tradition for doing such things here and we could not raise money to pay for the lasers that we needed from abroad. So we did a mock up. We found the biggest balloons we would get our hands on and we put some glitter inside and after the silence the balloons exploited and there was a rain of glitter. As I said this is the first Hologram in history that looked so incredible real that one could physically feel it:) OK after the rather innocent explosion there came the Chameleon by me - The mask I got made was and is the most beautiful non expressive face I have ever seen. Just the way I had hoped it would look like. It was a lot bigger then I could have imagined. 3x2 meters is it's size - and the faces of the people did come beautifully on the mask. Right after it there was the swing. I came with full force from the ceiling - to much force because I got knocked out of the swing and if I would not had security equipment around me then I would have fall right out of it. I had glitter to spread and the Adventure Poem to perform. So there was no time for panicking just to get myself back into the swing with the help of the others that where holding the swing. Nobody noticed that I had fallen out - they just thought I had lost balance. So with a huge mosquito net on my head, glitter dress and glitter to spread I felt like I was in a middle of some sort of adventure and that was the purpose. There was also some really neat computer animation with flapping wings on the screen by Laura Valentino. Then there was her performance - seductive machines right after the swing. I run up to the stage manager catching my breath after the swing stunt. We got one of Iceland's best video mixer to mix the feed from the videos and from the stage and public into the Internet and onto a big screen. His name is Sigurður Snæberg. Then there was a beautiful dreamy Video to the poems of Signý Hafsteinsdóttir. Right after that there where the boys in Vindva Mei that are known for so deep bass sounds that you feel the rhythm takes hold of your heartbeat. One of them had silver shoes and bold head. He did remind me of a friendly alien from deep space nine. After Vindva Mei sounds and the MoOn swirling around there was the performance of Berglind Ágústsdóttir. First there was she standing on the stage with x-mas lights wrapped around her dark silver body - I got the honor to lit the lights and there she was surrounded with little red lights - then there was a video that was really powerful in it's innocence. Her face so big on the screen that you felt like sinking into it. Right after Berglind there was the ever so special band Reptilicus. They had the captured the sounds of the words from Hávamál into the tones and one of them had a big round horn that he blew in as the pattern of our old myth circled around them. Hallgrímur Helgason was to perform from Paris but unfortunately no connection came on. We had been able to connect to him earlier that day but such is the nature of high technology you never know when it can fail us. So instead of Hallgrímur there was the work of Sjón from London. In the silence there was a lonely sound of someone trying to give us a fax feed. But the fax didn't respond - so the sound started to feel almost annoying almost scary - what if he can't get through.? What if the fax will take the fax inside itself and eat it. What if?!! Well the Fax machine did just that. Standing on the stage small but proud it didn't give us anything except the ring and the loud silence. We renamed his performance can't get a connection and blamed it all on lo tech. Well the audience liked it and gave the fax machine and Sjón a big applause. After that there was the 15 minute long performance with Elísabet Jökulsdóttir - it was a very special performance. Where video and stage performance got mixed into a surreal experience of the element of purification. The enormous waterfall with a lady in white dress dancing inside it - looking so small against the power of the water. A woman on the stage in sickbed smearing blood all over her delivered from a clown. Thick wall of voices and much more. Instead of the teleperformance that didn't take place Kristrún Gunnarsdóttir had a poetry performance - Icelandic in one speaker and English in other mixed in such fashion you never knew if you should try to hear after the Icelandic version or the English. Then there was AntigrAvity by Harmonics of Frequency Modulation and it was very impressive. Hildur Rúna stood on the stage in darkness with soft purple spotlight lightning up her face. Stirring like a witch from outer space in the Tibetan bowl - galaxies swirling around on the big screen - the sound like a blanket to the tiered brain. After the stage was clear one could see a man size rabbit entering it touching the bibbaphone making strange random sounds - some where sweet others cut right through you. By looking closer one could see the face of Birgir Örn Thoroddsen constructing tone system number 1. One word less by Bragi Ólafsson was next on screen. A film with few world - simplicity at it's best. Making the poems shine through transparent but strong. After that there was KGB with the band Ó. Jónsson & Grjóni. The atmosphere off the old private detective style - the poet with dark shades - the glow from the cigarette lighting up his face - creation of a scene so cool but yet so sweet. In-between all acts there where the tones from the Craters Band tying the program into a continious flow. The mask, the screens, the lights, all served to make the program a flow of stimulation for all the senses.


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