Tuesday the 9th of May 1996

Diary of daily events

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Today was the day of grump.

I can not really explain why maybe it was because the weather was very gray. We Icelanders are unavoidable touched by the moods in the weather. Maybe because there is like 20 types of weather everyday. Sun, rain, snow, wind, sun again, rain again, light clouds, heavy clouds, no clouds, oopss I better stop now. OK I don't have a clue what the purpose of this diary is. So I'll just write what ever I feel like writing and maybe somewhere on planet earth there is someone strange enough to like this wobbling of mine. Anyway one good news, there will be an article about Craters in Iceland Review. It's the most beautiful magazine we Icelanders have produced on stable basis. So I am happy about that. Anyway I just found out tonight that there was a mix up in technical terms and the welcome page has not been up since the web got up. So there was a minor nervous breakdown and now the grumpiness is wearing off and I just wish you tons of Joy and I hope that I can bring you some good news tomorrow.

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