Wednesday the 8th of May 1996

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Diary of daily events

Well I am not sure if I should start to regret for committing to write this diary. What to say when there is not much happening Should I maybe talk about the weather.???? Nahh no I can't. Well I can tell you a little story instead

The little story
Once upon a time there was a tiny island and it was somewhere in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean. One day there came an incredible long worm that had two heads on each end. The worm dug one head into the island and the other into a big country that was very far away. That country was north America. Well the worm liked to carry information in it's belly. So the people on the tiny island got themselves funny machines called Tölvur and from them they could swim all over the ocean of information and all of a sudden they understood that the world is not bits and pieces but whole big ball of information. Then there was much celebration and the worm became their hero and they would feed the worm with information when ever they could. They would even give him the most beautiful pictures and words they could think of and in return they would find everything they ever wanted to know inside the worm.

Tölva = computer
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