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SJON, born 1962 in Iceland, published his first collection of poetry at the tender age of fifteen. Joined the surrealist/punk/dada/performance poetry group Medusa in 1979.

During his involvement with Medusa, 1980-1986, he published several volumes of poetry. Notably; "The Blind Man's Bicycle" - 1982, "OH! Isn't It Wild" - 1985, and "Toycastles She Said, There's No Such Thing As Toycastles" - 1986.

Sjon's first novel "Night Of Steel" was published in 1987. It is a futuristic story of the death of four teenagers in a Reykjavik of the never never.

His second novel "Angel, Tophat, And Strawberries" published in 1989 tells a love story where death gains the upper hand in the end. "Angel, Tophat, And Strawberries" is currently being developed into a screenplay by the French director Michel Gondry in collaboration with the athor.

Sjon's third novel "Thyne Eyes Saw Me" tells the story of Leo Loew, a fugitive from the Terenzienstadt concentration camp, and a girl who's forced to nurse him before he's put on the ship that'll take him to a save haven.

Apart from writing novels and poetry Sjon's activities include three private art exhibitions, a brief career as the megastar Johnny Triumph, and writing the lyrics to Bjork's recent hit-song "Isobel".

Sjon is currently living in London, writing the follow up to "Thyne Eyes Saw Me, and producing a CD-Rom based on Bjork's world of music and ideas "A Soul's Journey".

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