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InfiNet made us the cool site of the day the 29th of

So we are not totally isolated on our little island in the middle of the North Atlantic. There are people out there that think what we are doing is CoOl - mad - or even ........
So in order to show a little gratitude to those ever so brilliant people I decided to make a special page with crosslinks back to them and also all the links I have pointed at in my diary.
So in the true spirit of the Internet a link page.

These are known sites to us that have made us a hot - mad - cool - wave of the day - week :)

Hit The Beach
Go visit CyberMad. I promiss you will not regret it.
Telepoetics People doing stuff in a similar fashion as we are trying to do with craters.
Gateway To Iceland
Smart Link

These are some of my favorit but far from all of them.

Casper the Friendly Ghost.
24 hours in Cyberspace if you haven't already done so. It's simply brilliant.
Organic Art
LEGO if you still like playing with toys.
Veggies Unite! for those that enjoy cooking............ or eating.
Spider's Pick of the Day many, many cool sites............ and then I mean cool.
Seven Wonders
Wognum Art Beautiful design............
WebWeavers Women on the web
The Eletric Postcard and then send someone a postcard..............
The Hyperdimention it's quite a trip
Media Lab New and NoteWorthy stuff
Microsoft Art Collection
Viking Stuff
Fruit tree

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