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Here you can find some of the creative input from the Video artists involved. Note that some of the videos are not related to Craters on the MoOn but samples of the artists previous work.

Videos by Arnfinnur R. Einarsson
Friendly Sights - QT movie 2.7M
Trace Music II - QT movie 2.1M
Time & Space Sculpture - QT movie
Trace Music III QT movie
From a Video peformed at Craters - QT movie
Collaberation with the Poet Signý Hafsteinsdóttir

Videos by Kris Gunnarsdóttir
To the MoOn - QT movie
Morphemes #6 - QT movie 2.1M
Morphological Initiation - QT movie 2.9M
Absent - Present - QT movie
Chameleon - QT movie
A collaberation with the poet Birgitta Jónsdóttir

Video by Johann E. - with music by Reptilicus
Epilogue - QT movie 2.2M

Videos by Torfi ToFu Frans Ólafsson
Scene from a Björk concert in London - QT movie 1.6M
A pig from Bad Taste - QT movie 0.3M

Music and Video by Harmonics of Frequency Modulation
Tibetan Bowls - embeded


Audio files from some of the works that will be performed at the Event and some other stuff related to the musicians involved.

To get the most out of these soundfiles we recommend you download Real Audio softwere

Music by Reptilicus - Poem by Birgitta Jónsdóttir
The Chameleon - Audio File

Music by Vindva Mei
Are Flowers Evil - Audio File

Music by Reptilicus
The melody - DDD from nowere - Audio File
From the cd - Temperature of bloOd

Music by Reptilicus
A sample from Snaketime - Audio File
From the cd - Snaketime

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