The installation realised in the Edinborg-house, was a 150m long, 1m wide tunnel-like construction that filled up half of the first floor of the building (aprox. 150 sqm.) The entrance into the space was on the west side of the house. The viewer was lead in various directions, right-left-right-up-down-left-right-, until after some time he returned outside again, on the south side of the house. Although the viewer entered the building, he never had the oportunity to see it from the inside. He never reached the inside of the house, he reached another place.

On the outside of the construction, there was a soundpiece, spread through 4 surround-systems. All of the recordings for the soundpiece were made inside of the tunnel. Whereas the construction was made out of plywood, it functioned as a magnifier of it's own frequencies. The recordings were then processed and edited for 24 loudspeakers. It created an ambiance, filling up the space between the outside of the construction itself, and the Edinborg-house.

Elin Hansdottir (artist) polished the initial idea of the tunnel through conversations with Anne Kockelkorn (architect) but the construction itself is the result of co-operation with Marian Burchardt(artist) and Axel Albrecht (architect). The soundscape was created by Icelandic artist Darri Lorenzen.
Furthermore, Rósa Birgitta Sigríðardóttir´s (singer) help was indispensible at the construction site.


   catalogue published by Eidarstoll and Revolver: