S t e i n g r i m u r  E y f j o r d


Ten years ago a friend of mine had bought a studio from an artist and she made it into her home. One year ago she
discovered three small doors behind the kitchen interior at her home. She manage to open two doors. Behind the 
doors she discovered a small storage rooms, where the artist had stored works. Inside the first door the artist
had stored an architectural model of the steps in front of the Icelandic University, where he obviously was planning
to make small sculptures to decorate the access to the university. The model was had been made around 1940.
Deep inside and behind the model was heap of female underwear and a cloth. These items had been teared and
showed a mark of a struggle. She gave me these items as a raw material for a work. First I had the idea of digging
up my youthful interest in semiotics and mix that with modern forensic science to wake up "Fama" and rumour a
strong cultural character of Iceland. In that process I discovered that, the accuser element became dominating
idea. As people know, there is no one who is a stronger moralist than the Christian Lucifer the accuser as he is 
called in the book of Job. That process ended in the decision of using four different female psychics to project
their ideas on the items, with that I was able to step out of the moralistic role. When I am writing this now I see that
it had been a way to make the works in that manner to, a different branch,  different departments and different 
projections. In our Culture of "Bread and Games" the work could had become a trophy.


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