S t e i n g r i m u r  E y f j o r d



It was the year 1997 when Filipia Elisdottir (designer) organized an exhibition with my works at her shop she was presenting 
her own clothes and clothes designed by the English designer Wivian Westwood. At that time, I met her sister Elisa, who where 
in a process of becoming a nun and she told me about St. Therese of Lisieux. Because I was starting to make a porcelain paintings
for a show called "sparistellid" and because sometimes when one falls for something in life, it becomes a subject
of a work, a way to understand it better. Elisa gave me a "kabula" with a piece of cloth which St. Therese had touched. 
The Carmelitian nuns at Hafnarfjordur gave her a permission to give it to me and to wear it. 




The Little Things 
Which Cost Nothing 
But Give Pleasure 
and Happiness


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