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My living environment impress me as a smell from the kitchen, a print on a wall, attitudes, people, happiness, sorrow etc.

I´m reusing words, images and forms in each work as well as in other artworks. I'm exploring my own feelings, attitude and tireness by working in that way at the same time investigating the result.

I work both with the subjective and the objective world. I use letters, words, images and materials as a reflection of my own thoughts and feelings.

Last years my inspiration (among others)has been from the line "All you need is love" from John Lennon's song wich is connected to my environment and my personal life, experience, inspiration, opinions, creativity, feelings etc.

My art is mainly paintings, drawings and installations.
The main concept in my work is the life itself, with all it’s multiplicity. Reality, dreams, feelings, imagination, thoughts and questions.

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