Poster for "Zimmer"


2004, 8.00 min., Dance Short-Film/Action

Zimmer Trailer (3.1 MB)
Making of Zimmer (6 MB)

Helena Jonsdottir’s film is a vision on the interface between her own and original conception of physical expression, the cultural condition in the communication age and the degree of its awareness. The body as a landscape: A fat male “couch potato” is the definite antithesis to the moving body.
Zimmer won the German Video Dance Award 2003/04.

Zimmer in Greece

“The festival was a big success, Zimmer was adored by the public in Athens. The film was included in a programme I named “unexpected dancers”, which was the most popular one. It was a programme about all these categories of people we usually classify as non-dancers, but they do dance, and when they do, their identities are expressed in a very explicit way.”

Christiana Galanopoulou, VideoDance artistic director,
Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Athens, Greece