Endur-endurreisn / Re-renaissance
02. 02. 2019 - 17. 03. 2019
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Desargues´s Theorem Lecture and three sculptures
02. 02. 2019 - 19. 03. 2019
We welcome you to the opening of Geirþrúður Finnbogadóttir Hjörvar´s exhibition on february the 2nd at 5pm. All are welcome and entrance is free. more more
Sensible Structures
30. 03. 2019 - 26. 05. 2019
Sensible Structures explores the conceptual relationships that occur in the parenthesis between the visual and the verbal. This ekphrasis will be conceived in spatial form through sculpture, video,... more more
Almar Atlason, Gylfi Freeland Sigurðsson, Ieva Grigelionyté, Indriði Ingólfsson, Petra Hjartardóttir, Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir, Svanhildur Halla Haraldsdóttir.
08. 06. 2019 - 04. 08. 2019
They are on the way. Tip toeing in flip-flops made of pizza boxes and tape, someone trips over a tiny book of achievements. Drifting around with an audio guide it becomes evident that salt is odour... more more
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