Dýpsta sæla og sorgin þunga / Tears
21. 01. 2021 - 14. 03. 2021
We are deligthed to announce the opening of a new and exciting group exhibition in Kling & Bang where four different artists exhibit new work. The exhibition’s title comes from a poem by Ólöf frá H... more more
Fallandi trjám liggur margt á hjarta
30. 03. 2021 - 09. 05. 2021
Yes, a falling tree makes a sound. We were all in the forest when it fell and it had a lot to say. But we weren’t listening.

‘It matters what stories we tell to tell stories with … it matters w... more more
feigðarós — dreamfields
22. 05. 2021 - 04. 07. 2021
Sometimes an artwork can reveal attributes of one's personality. You may not be acquainted with the artist but through the artwork you may detect kinship. Usually we leave it at that, maybe faintly... more more
King og Bong í Kling og Bang
10. 07. 2021 - 06. 08. 2021
The artist-run gallery King and Bong takes over Kling & Bang. During that time, there will be nine performance events where thirty artists will be invited to perform. The performances take place ou... more more
Unheard of
21. 08. 2021 - 03. 10. 2021
The exhibition presents new work by Erik DeLuca with Julius Rothlaender and Melitta Urbancic, and Þóranna Dögg Björnsdóttir with Derrick Belcham. With the exhibition the artists extend from their s... more more
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