Clive Murphy
18. 05. 2013 - 23. 06. 2013
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Based in New York, Irish artist Clive Murphy’s practice draws from the peripheries of visual culture, mining diverse sources such as porn spam, found audiocassette tape, mail order catalogues, evangelical sermon titles, disused billboard scaffolds and fairground inflatables. He appropriates and reconfigures familiar signifiers in order to investigate the junction of societal and cultural phenomenon, Exploring themes of hierarchy, inter-relationality and meaning formation, he infiltrates sites of visual signification with a combination of pathos and incongruity, reconstituting ideological, cultural and rhetorical systems in an effort to situate anew a sense of human space. Operating in a characteristically lo-fi manner, using materials and techniques that exist quite far down on the artistic food chain, he strives for ends greater than the sums of their parts in an effort to elevate and democratize.

Irish born artist Clive Murphy relocated from Belfast to New York in 2005. Some recent exhibitions include People Who Work Here, David Zwirner Gallery, New York (2012); Zypher, The Jerome Fellowship, Franconia Sculpture Park, Minnesota (2012); Deer Hoof Architecture #3, ARTJAIL Gallery, New York (2011); Décor Tower, Thomas Hunter Projects Gallery, Hunter College New York (2011); No Soul For Sale, Tate Modern, London (2010); The Sixth Borough, No Longer Empty, Governor’s Island, New York (2010); Almost Nothing, Soap Factory Gallery, Minneapolis (2009); Ghost Machine, Magnan Projects Gallery, New York (2009); Fake Fake Mountain, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2007)

His work has also been exhibited in Brussels, Toronto, Lisbon, Prague, Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Côtes du Rhône, Halifax, Berlin, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Curated by Jessamyn Fiore

Jessamyn Fiore is a New York based independent curator and writer. In 2007, she became Director of Thisisnotashop, a not for profit gallery space in Dublin, which supported emerging artists. She also co-founded The Writing Workshop in 2007, which functioned as a collaborative forum for writers and artists. Fiore is co-director of the Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark with her mother Jane Crawford, Matta-Clark’s widow. She received a Masters from The National College of Art and Design, Dublin, in 2010. In 2011, Fiore curated 112 Greene Street: The Early Years (1970–1974) at David Zwirner in New York, which led to the critically acclaimed, eponymous catalogue, published by David Zwirner and Radius Books in 2012. She recently curated a second exhibition for David Zwirner in New York titled Gordon Matta-Clark: Above and Below that is set to open at their new London gallery space in September 2013.

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