Sequences / Trommusólo / Drum solo
Trommusólo / Drumsolo / Sequences
04. 10. 2008 - 24. 10. 2008
FTrommusóló H42
Lortur Biennale
October 4. – 25. 2008

Lortur is an informal and ever-changing group of artists, filmmakers, writers, theater practitioners, dancers, musicians and others who share an inventive sensibility and a need to create. Every two years since 2002, the group has organized and held the Trommusóló biennial art exhibition. This year’s event will take place at the Kling and Bang Gallery on Hverfisgata.

The Program
The program will be dense, diverse and lubricated with creative joy. There will be an art show, video program, a series of concerts (organized in conjunction with Iceland Airwaves), dance performances, panel discussions and an artist book will be published to coincide with the Biennale.
The art show and video program curators are respectively, Davíð Örn Halldórsson Hamar and Kristján Loðmfjörð, music events are co-ordinated by Sigurður Magnús Finnsson, dance performances are organized by Gunnlaugur Egilsson, the panel discussion will be hosted by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson and the editors of the artist book are Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir, Bjarni Massi and Tinna Guðmundsdóttir.

Saturday, October 4th
16:00 Opening ceremony and opening of the art show

Artists: Bjarni Massi, Dagmar Atladóttir,
Davíð Örn Halldórsson Hamar, Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir, Huginn Þór Arason,
Jón Thor Hansen, Kolbeinn Hugi Höskuldsson, Kristján Loðmfjörð,
Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, Ólafur Egill Egilsson, Pétur Már Gunnarsson,
Tinna Guðmundsdóttir, Valgarður Bragason, Þór Sigurþórsson, Þrándur Þórarinsson

17:00 Trommusóló

Truckerinn takes to the stage and beats the shit out of the drum kit.

18:00 Concert - Fallega Gulrótin (comeback)

Sunday, October 5th
15:00 Short film – Reyndu aftur (world premiere)

The short film Reyndu aftur (Try Again) follows a young man whose suicide attempt is interrupted by an ex-girlfriend. By mistake, he tells a spontaneous lie that has unpredictable consequences, forcing him to deal with various problems of everyday life and face up to the fact that everybody is burdened with issues of their own. Should he give life a second chance or the just give in to the rope?

Handrit og leikstjórn: Sverrir Kristjánsson
Stjórn Kvikmyndatöku: Tómas Tómasson
Leikarar: Friðrik Friðriksson, Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir Þröstur Leó Gunnarsson
Hanna María Karlsdóttir Brynhildur Guðjónsdóttir
Lengd: 15 min.

21:00 Short film - Reyndu aftur (re-run)

Saturday, October 11th
15:00 Release Party - Trommusóló H42 Artist Book

Since the first exhibition, there has been a tradition of publishing an artist book in conjunction with the Lortur Biennale. The artist book is not a catalogue for the exhibition or a representation of the artists’ work but a site for works of art that don’t fit into the exhibition space, the concert venue or the cinema. The content has been dictated by the broad spectrum of contributors and is therefore very much a celebration of diversity.

Participants: Arndís Gísladóttir, Bjarki Bragason, Bjarni Massi, Björk Viggósdóttir, Bragi Kristjónsson Daníel Björnsson, Davíð Örn Halldórsson, Elvar Már Hauksson, Friðrik Sólnes, Gunnlaugur Egilsson, Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson, Haraldur Jónsson, Hlynur Páll Pállsson, Huginn Þór Arason, Hugleikur Dagsson, Hulda Vilhjálmsdóttir, Huldar Breiðfjörð, Jón Teitur Sigmundsson, Karlotta J. Blöndal, Lóa Hjálmtýsdóttir, Markús Þór Andrésson, Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir,
Ólafur Egill Egilsson, Pétur Már Gunnarsson, Ragnar Ísleifur Bragason,
Rakel Gunnarsdóttir, Sara Riel, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Tobias Munthe,
Valgarður Bragason.

15:30 Lortadans

A group dance choreographed by Gunnlaugur Egilsson and accompanied by the drum beats of Friðrik Sólnes and the dulcet tones of Franz Lizst. Guests, as well as participants in the biennale, are encouraged to take part in this unique performance, which has already gained widespread critical attention.

Miðvikudagur, 15. október
17:00 Dance Performance - Djöflafúgan

The Icelandic Dance Company performs an extract from Djöflafúgan by Gunnlaugur Egilsson which will be premiered on October 16th as a part of their latest production Duo at the Reykjavik City Theater.

Djöflafúgan tells the story of two people torn between reality and fantasy. Alternating between harmony and discord, the two struggle with attraction and repulsion. With the advent of electric light, the shadow dance of flickering fire and candlelight has all but disappeared. Djöflafúgan is an imaginative tribute to the dancing shadow. Measured and calm but sometimes untamed and diabolic, the mystery may sometimes be out of sight but it’s always present.

Choreographer: Gunnlaugur Egilsson
Performers: Aðalheiður Halldórsdóttir and Steve Lorenz.
Camera and editing: Sverrir Kristjánsson
Costumes: Harpa Einarsdóttir

20:30 Panel discussion – The Artist Book in the 21st Century (sponsored by Útúrdúr)

What has the development in artist books represented for Icelandic art history in the past decades? What is the role of artist books in the digital era, in the computer age? Is paper outdated? Has the book become obsolete?

Artists and academics, will discuss these and other ideas regarding the existence of this medium in the context of the publication of the Trommusóló artist book.

Host: Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson

22:00 Documentaries – Íslensk Alþýða (world premiere) and Fríar Fantasíur

In Íslensk Alþýða (Icelandic Public) we get a glimpse into an almost invisible society of 400 people who live inside well-confined, gray walls on the Westside of Reykjavik. The society has its own independent administration, national holidays, national characteristics and philosophical values. In this documentary we follow a group of immigrants who have been part of this society for various periods of time and we see how they have adjusted to their new homes as they describe how they have settled into a disciplined existence after fleeing the chaos of the great outside world.

Directed by: Þórunn Hafstað
Length: 30 min

In Fríar Fantasíur (Free Fantasies) we encounter two elderly women, Rita and Gunnhild, who live in the Faroe Islands. They don’t allow age to stop them from letting their creativity and imaginations run free. While the two women have very different methods for creating their art, they share an intimate relationship with their gardens, where they both work – after all “you can’t just watch TV all day, can you?”

Directed and edited by: Guðný Rúnarsdóttir
Camera and music: Markús Bjarnason
Length: 30 mín

Thursday, October 16th
17:00 Iceland Airwaves Off Venue Concert - Orgelkvartettinn Ananas & Guests

Featuring: Músíkvatur, Aristocracia, Gason Bra, Ssangyoung Musso,
Hip Hop Hudson and Krulli Vespa

18:00 Iceland Airwaves Off Venue Concert – Klive

Friday, October 17th
17:00 Iceland Airwaves Off Venue Concert - Kid Twist
18:00 Iceland Airwaves Off Venue Concert – Skakkamanage

Saturday, October 18th
16:00 Iceland Airwaves Off Venue Concert - Bob Justman
17:00 Iceland Airwaves Off Venue Concert - Sykur
18:00 Iceland Airwaves Off Venue Concert – Skátar

Sunday, October 19th
16:00 Iceland Airwaves Off Venue Concert – Retro Stefson & MC Pluto

Saturday, October 25th
16:00 End of Exhibition Concert – Forhúð forsetans

Last chance for guests to freak out on the drum kit.

Trommusóló H 42 ends with a performance by the Lortur punk band Forhúð Forsetans (President’s Foreskin). Old hits mixed with juicy new fresh stuff.
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