George Gittoes
24. 04. 2013 - 24. 04. 2013
Screening of the documentary film LOVE CITY by George Gittoes
ONLY THIS ONE NIGHT at Kling & Bang gallery; WEDNESDAY 24th of April at 8 pm.
Free entry.

Gittoes is one of Australia’s foremost figurative painters. Gittoes is also a filmmaker working in areas which

are usually reserved for journalists. Over the last three decades, he has been creating works in regions of

conflict and upheaval around the world including: Somalia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Rwanda, the

former Yugoslavia, South Africa, Iraq, and many more.

Over the last decade, Gittoes has spent much time living in Afghanistan, where he set up the Yellow House,

an Afghan artists collective inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s dream to create a place where experimental

artists could work together  to invent the art of the future. His work strives to prove that art can be more

effective in bringing positive social change than war.

Love City Jalalabad, which has yet to be released, documents a colorful cast of characters including self

taught action heroes, a one meter tall pixie with magical powers, a monkey with a thousand tricks and a

group of actresses who see themselves as freedom fighters in a society that bans everything they do. Their

first project is the filming of three love story films starring female actresses. They then make children's films

directed by a 19 year old Pashtun actress. These films are taken on the road with the Yellow House Cinema

Circus, which brings art and magic to the village children of Tora Bora. The cast risks death to achieve this in

a society where women are never permitted to act, perform or be in front of a camera, and where many

children have never been exposed to film.

The documentary strikes an incredible balance between the hyper-real and the surreal.

You won't want to miss this!
Grandagarđur 20 - 101 Reykjavík