29. 04. 2017 - 11. 06. 2017
As the exhibition title suggests, Opening provides the audience with an insight into the world of contemporary art. The twelve artists exhibiting here together are born in the years 1956-80 and have thus had the chance to develop and fine tune their artistic output over several years. Their work has resulted in a free flow of experiments or through extensive research, reflecting different interests and techniques and mediated in a range of contemporary media. As well as drawing us near and into the minds of their authors, the works shift the focus, mirroring ourselves as spectators and opening up the world as a whole.

Art history is not entirely composed of works of art, they spring from the context of technological advances, the state of society, education opportunities and art institutions, to name a few contributing factors. The exhibition venue plays a significant role as well. The inauguration of spaces designed specifically for visual art sets new standards and brings life into the making and mediation of art at any given time. This has certainly been the case locally with Kjarvalsstaðir and the Living Art Museum in the seventies, the new National Gallery building in the eighties, Hafnarhúsið in 2000 and now, the Marshall building. At such a juncture it is interesting to do a status check in contemporary art, note wherein the focus lies and which directions art is reflecting our attention to in all its diversity.

During the preparation of the exhibition Opening, the twelve participating artists were followed and interviewed for a television series with the same title, broadcasted on RUV in recent weeks. They were paired together under different themes; space, material, color, displacement, language and perception.

The exhibition is supported by the Icelandic Visual Arts Fund.
Curated by Dorothée Kirch and Markús Þór Andrésson.

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