It's official -- Lorenzo Press is now the American publisher for two new international anthologies of poetry and art, THE BOOK OF HOPE and THE WORLD HEALING BOOK. Beyond Borders Press, the cutting edge publisher based in Iceland, is the original publisher of the books. Beyond Borders Press is now a U.S. imprint of Lorenzo Press. Since we are based in Connecticut, these fine books will now be easier and less expensive for U.S. residents to order. Profits form the books go to UNICEF. These two very handsome volumes have a sturdy paperback binding and include poetry, paintings, drawings, and photography (some in color) expressing outrage, horror, hope, and love in works created in response to the terror attacks on 9/11. Icelandic poet-artist Birgitta Jonsdottir sent out a call for poetry to the world community and many responded, including well-known authors such as Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Rita Dove, and the Dhali Lama.

"Our world needs words and images of love, not hate. We need to reach out to each other, take each other's hand and rejoice in being alive. These books are meant to be a celebration of the artistic, a celebration of each other, both our differences and our commonalities."
- Co-Edi
tor Michael Lohr

"What really kept me going putting this project together, was the content and the people that created this content, it is a tapestry of all the best qualities of the human heart. The books are already an inspiration for people from around the world to have faith in our future as a human race and to carry on no matter what is going on around us. The role of the artists and poets has never been more clear. To make a difference in our world. To plant the seeds of hope, where there is hopelessness , to offer healing where there is hurt."
-Editor Birgitta Jonsdottir

Our world is moving towards war - war that the majority of the peoples on this planet do not support at all. Poets have been active in letting their voices be heard and to demonstrate alternatives to this war. Here are a few places you can go to, to feel inspired to lend your voice to do something. It is of the uttermost importance that we who do not support the war do something NOW. The only changes in our world can come from the individuals.....With mountains of profound wishes for peace in our world, BJ. - Poets against the War - United Poets - 100 Poets Against The War - Not In Our Name - United for Peace & Justice