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A Season of Change

Summer passes ushering in fall.
The season of change.
And change has come.
It is a different world

Temperatures drop and we feel,
not just the early chill of winter,
but the cold of war.

It waits but around the corner,
as we wait.
Yes, we wait and listen,
to news that tells of infamy.
And echoes the past.

We weep.
As do those aged among us.
Except they weep tears
feed by memory.
Reflections of another day when,

our world seemed so peaceful.
Secluded from the havoc and turmoil
that rocked the globe.

But peace then as now was shattered.
By surprise, surprise
that gave way to anger.
A call to arms.

Now years later,
another day began.
Normal as any other.

Or so we thought,
wrapped in the cocoon
that was our innocence.

Now headlines mirror
that day of infamy that pales by
Ghosts of the past,

And old soldiers ready
for the war
that their sons will fight.

Terry Lowenstein