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Dream in Shades of Grey

                       September 12, 2001 

They gather in the ruins of a world
Women, men, children, some so old
Hundreds and thousands of them come 
To wash themselves of greed and fear
Hatred, the need to attack and harm
What they don't understand in people. 

They bathe in Oriental fashion, squat
Along a lake, dip buckets into water
Pour on their heads waters that clear 
The sorrow of self, power, property
Lust, lies, judgement, murder, war
All manner of evil, cause and effect. 

They are naked without guilt or shame
Waiting for me to sing them a song, 
But a long haired wild man, hair wild
As Einstein's on a windy day, walks in.
I say nothing, give in, let him sing 
A song unlike any I have ever heard- 

It is over all too soon- 
Two grotesque lions 

                    The words Ignorance and Pride 
                    Tattooed on their skin 

Are fighting at my feet- 

Alone in a desert and afraid, 
There's an explosion 

                    The earth begins to quake 
                    I run, clouds rise behind 

Thousands of papers are falling around me 

I grab one out of the air
It reads, "This way out- forgiveness." 

                     Silence... The Voice is singing 
                     That mysterious song, 

I'm waking in the ruins of a world I remember.
Rayn Roberts
USA - South Korea