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Round The World Is Round

Round the world is round the shaman & sages

               the singers & songmen have found that

               all that is going on is going on & on

                    is going on in our mind

               & though excitement & sorrow sells

                 endless proliferations of hell

             just how & where does the mind end up

               & do we really know what goes on

          what goes on & on round the world all around

            knowing only what they want us to know

          the same old stories everyone knows so what

           what do we know we know when we sit down

          & look inside the whole shebang in the mind

                so let us protect the mind

           from this terrorist quotidian drag down

          & find enduring peace in mind in thought

            in word indeed in kind conversation

            joyful of words uplifting of mind

Reuven BenYuhmin