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La Maison De Dieu

This is the Tarot card of now: and itŐs not an image of a lightning struck tower with its falling masonry and figures it is the thing itself it is transposed into as each plane strikes turned into an oven from the inside exploding in terrible flame as the nightmare begins and the faces appear at the windows helpless, beyond reach... You watched them falling It is those who chose to die in a clean plummeting of air ItŐs those who stood below crushed by its tidal breaking It is the face of a priest asleep whose prayer fell from the sky that move you Not the tower, the towers in their thousand feet of silver shimmering, mercurial and inflated Not the towers that was the Babel of its own security but the human lives it sacrificed And what it is to be brought to its root in these latter days, long foreseen that is what has to crash before we can live as one universal people All that has been built up that has to fall you know it itŐs not the rhetoric of war that can answer it... Zealots gave their lives for it and it is possible, you ask, irate, American, as you are as something else comes over your face that they did this for love too or if not love, for the truth? A terrorist truth is not love or love as we know it but one thing is beyond dispute the secret doorway this tower leads to that is the end of all vanity blown open forever now- where flame and blood and water come streaming, it is the heart of our world opening that buckles with these buildings and every other tower that remains that can draw lightning Not the spire vanishing into the blue or where the muezzin call at evening and the dervish turns and turns without holding on to anything... But you, as you wander the darkening streets dust still hanging in the smoke-think air without quite knowing where you are going or where all of this is leading This is the Tarot card of now held in anyone's fingers in three and four dimensions all around us and what it spells is GRAIL among the ruins Jay Ramsay England