A sound installation in Gallery 20 m2,
Reykjavik, Iceland 1998

When guests arrived at an advertised musical entertainment, they had to be content with hearing choral music, introductions by the choir director and cheering guests (who were many, judging by the full coat rack) through the locked door. A sign on the door prohibited guests from entering because the concert had begun. The music was all from the early half of the last century, and thus it dawned on (at least some of) the guests that they were too late for this entertainment, since it had obviously started some 60 years ago.


A sound installation in Galerie NEMO, Eckernförde, Gemany, 1999

A German version of the work. German music from mid-century rang out through a locked door, the coat rack showed evidence of many guests, and a sign on the door prohibited guests from entering since the concert had already begun.

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